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  • Harriet Mirrored Wall Shelf – Gold

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    219.00 189.00

    Our Harriet mirrored wall shelf is a clever piece of contemporary cool. It has two half-moons that are offset opposite each other. Each has a golden metal frame and two mirrored shelves. It’s a modern decorative way to display. Just add some ornaments, pictures or even a tea-light candle to reflect flickering light onto the ceiling. Ideal for creating a cosy, romantic atmosphere. Place it in the hallway or lounge, dining room, bedroom or bathroom.

  • Sylvia Lantern – Gold

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    79.00 49.00

    Our hexagonal golden Sylvia lantern creates a wonderful warm and welcoming ambiance. This ornate lantern has a golden base and cutaway detail on the curved tower top. Hexagonal in shape, it has glass panels all the way round to radiate out the candle light all around. Have it in a porch or hallway to welcome friends and family or create cosy low-level lighting in the living room.

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