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  • Amira Leaf Mirror – Gold

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    129.00 99.00

    Our Amira leaf mirror captures the beauty and mystery of Moroccan styling. Crafted in the shape of a leaf it has an ornate golden pattern of sunflowers, that beautifully frames the mirror & shimmers as it catches the light. Perfect for those who appreciate superior quality design. Hang it portrait style – or make it look like an eye by hanging it landscape style.

  • Costes Accent Mirror – Champagne

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    119.00 79.00

    Our Costes accent mirror has a gorgeous country champagne colour on the frame. The rectangular shape has a fan of ridges that point inwards towards the mirror on all sides to draw the eye into the center. A simple but effective technique which means that this mirror can become the stylish focal point on a wall. The mirror is also beveled which is a sure sign of its quality. It’s ideal for any modern or traditional home – and will make any room appear bigger and brighter as it will reflect in natural light. Have it either way up – portrait or landscape shape.

  • Antique Mirror – Champagne 60x90cm

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    219.00 169.00

    Our 60x90cm Antique mirror is simple yet elegant with a luxurious champagne coloured frame. It will enhance any internal lighting, plus bring natural outdoor lighting into the home. It will also create the illusion of more space in any room, hallway or stairwell. With a beautiful champagne coloured antique finish, this mirror will be a focal point in any home. The classic large rectangular design means it will easily compliment the other furniture in the room.

  • Ava Mirror Art

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    289.00 249.00

    Our Ava mirror is a modern take on mirroring. It has a series of silver & golden mirror strips, offset from each other. A distinctive piece of contemporary art in its own right it will create an eye-catching statement in a living room, dining room or study. The Ava mirror will create a feeling of spaciousness and bring in extra light from outside.

  • Polygon Geo Mirror – 60x90cm

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    189.00 149.00

    Our polygon geo mirror is a fascinating piece of design at an irresistible price. The frame is made from a series of connecting triangles that create peaks and toughs of light and shade as it catches the light. The effect is spectacular. Have it in a lounge, dining room, bedroom or hallway. Hang it either portrait or landscape shape.

  • Persia Mirror Art – Rustic Grey – 60x90cm

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    139.00 99.00

    Our Persia mirror art is beautiful as a work of art as well as being practical. So it’s a silver mirror, but it has an exotic, symmetrical scrolling pattern all over, that’s endlessly fascinating. Even better it has a distinct all over vintage feel as it is slightly distressed. It has a dark grey trim frame with antique foxing to give it a glorious aged look. Have it in a bedroom or a lounge & admire it as a piece of art in its own right.

  • Square Window Mirror – Champagne

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    219.00 179.00

    Our 1 meter square window mirror is a clever design with 9 separate square mirrors. Held together in 3 rows, by a luxurious champagne coloured frame, so it looks just like a window. It’s an ideal way to create a ‘window’ on a wall where there is none. Mirrors make a room appear more spacious: this one certainly does, and it reflects both light and nature’s beauty from the outside too. Have it to transform the look of a living room, dining room, bedroom or bathroom.

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