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  • Classic Irish Telefon Box Lantern 25cm

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    29.00 14.99

    Our 25cm high classic Irish telephone box lantern is brilliant 2-in-1 design. It’s a lantern within a classic replica of the Irish telephone box. Faith-full to the original first telephone box installed in 1925 on Dawson Street in Dublin, this wooden design in white & green has a plaque on the top of each side reading Telefón as Gaeilge. Enjoy this iconic piece of irish heritage as an ornament or a lantern, at a good old-fashioned price too.

  • Ellie Tripod Floor Lamp

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    159.00 119.00

    Our Ellie tripod floor lamp gives lighting a new angle. With a slightly angled light coloured shade, it has a metal tripod stand. Three legs all made from soft satin silver metal for a more pleasing aesthetic appeal give this a modern designer look. It echoes the cameras and lights from Hollywood film studios, while it has soft end caps to protect the flooring. As it has three legs, it means that there is never a worry about uneven floors, this lamp won’t wobble. It’s the perfect light for reading while relaxing in a lounge – or simply as a smart way to light up a darkened area in a room.

  • Enzo Desk Lamp – Satin Silver 70cm

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    69.00 39.00

    Our 70cm Enzo desk lamp in satin silver combines simplistic minimalist style, with maximum practical flexibility. Beautifully made with high quality materials, it has a silver finish & wide sturdy base. It’s slim poles reduce the area used, while also providing plenty of light. This desk lamp is adjustable so that it can be fixed to the perfect angle for any activity. In addition its half moon cover neatly projects bright light wherever is needed. In conclusion it’s perfect for a desk or workstation, in a living room or home office.

  • Mia Table Lamp 70cm

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    89.00 69.00

    Our 70cm tall Mia table lamp is a magnificent modern mix of chrome and glass. It suits any home especially in a hallway, lounge or dining room. The glass fans upwards & outwards from the base in a classic curved vase shape. It has a mirror-finish stand & central stem in the middle of the glass. It’s finished with a cream shade to enhance the cosy glow and warm ambiance.

  • Dani Mini Lamp – Silver

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    59.00 29.00

    The Dani silver/grey mini buffet lamp has a stylish slimline design and comes at a slender price too. The stand and top are all elegantly crafted in brushed satin metal – and it is finished on top by a silver-grey textured weave shade to softly diffuse the light and add to the cosy welcoming ambiance. Perfect for the hallway lounge or dining room – or even in the bedroom on a dressing table or as a bedside lamp.

  • Amira Round Lantern – Gold 66cm

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    89.00 59.00

    Our Amira round lantern is perfect for those who appreciate superior design and workmanship. Lanterns are on trend but Amira takes ornate styling to a different level. At 66cm high it has the signature Amira Moroccan styling, in lightly distressed gold coloured metal for that vintage look. It’s wonderfully ornate with decorative overlapping arches at the base & top with exquisite cutaway paisley-patterned sunflowers, allowing heat to escape. A round lantern with 6-sided polygon glass panels to reflect light in every direction. Have it in the lounge, bedroom, on the stairs or the hallway or even on a balcony or patio. It also has a strong hook handle for hanging.

  • Flicker LED Candle 33cm

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    35.00 29.00

    Our flicker led candle is 33cm high and has the look of a real candle, without the worry of a naked flame. Powered by battery it has a flickering flame to create a cosy atmosphere. Perfect for a lounge, bedroom, landing or bathroom. It is also handy for caravans and boats or for venues that do not allow candles. It can be left unattended, so it is the ideal solution if there are children or pets around. As well as being long-lasting it also has a 5-hour timer so it can switch off automatically.

  • Globe Overhanging Floor Lamp – Gold 170cm

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    199.00 169.00

    Our Globe overhanging floor lamp is a marvelous piece of modern design. This floor lamp has a half gold, half glass globe which is ideal for reading in an armchair on a sofa. The base is solid & stable and made from marble, so it’s the perfect counter balance. At 5ft 6 inches tall it’s a substantial piece, to create a distinctive style statement, in any room.

  • Tiffany Set of 2 Lanterns – Medium & Large

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    119.00 99.00

    Our Tiffany set of 2 lanterns are superb value, in beautifully polished mirror-finished chrome. In a simple but stylish 4-sided design, every element gleams and glimmers in the glowing candlelight. For the lounge, conservatory or dining room, hallway or bedroom. The top turrets are vented to allow the heat to escape. Have them on the floor, on the mantelpiece or even on the stairs. Plus you can hang them up by the hooks.

  • Amira Gold Table Lamp – 54cm

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    99.00 59.00

    Our Amira gold table lamp has a cylindrical shape that has beautiful Moroccan styling. The filigree gold pattern of lattice & sunflowers is delightful and makes the light glow and radiate. It is ideal for any room on a table, mantelpiece, window ledge or cabinet. Have it in the lounge, dining room, conservatory, bedroom and more. At this low price why not buy more?

  • Medina Set of 2 Lanterns – Chrome

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    99.00 85.00

    Our Medina set of 2 lanterns are beautifully made to create a brilliant, radiated light. With a traditional 4-glass-sided shape, the frames and tops are crafted from mirror-finish polished chrome. While the tops also have an attractive textured pattern with a traditional ring, so they’re easy to carry from room to room. With one medium and one large lantern, they’re ideal to have either in different rooms or together. Try them in a bedroom to create a snuggle-up romantic atmosphere; in a lounge to make it relaxing; or in a dining room for intimate dinners with friends and family; or even in a hallway or porch as a welcome home.

  • Cameo Touch Lamp – Copper

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    79.00 59.00

    Create a new and exciting look for your living area with the stylish Cameo touch lamp. Cleverly activated by touch – no switch required – the lamp has three different brightness levels. The metal orbs base, with copper effect finish, will add warmth to the your décor. Complementing the base, the chic white fabric shade ensures a soft glow emits to your surrounding area. The beautiful Cameo touch table lamp will make a great feature in your living area or bedroom, accentuating its own elegance.

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