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  • Capri Ceramic Vase 41cm

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    89.00 49.00

    Our Capri ceramic vase has a classic shape, with graduated neutral tones. Starting off at the top with a dark hue and getting lighter as they flow to the bottom. The quality ceramic has a subtle glaze & is a wonderful way to show off an arrangement of flowers. Whether in a hallway, lounge or bedroom the Capri ceramic vase will suit any interior design scheme.

  • Bubbles Glass Vase – Aqua Blue 27cm

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    29.00 19.99

    Our 27cm Bubbles glass vase in aqua blue captures the beauty of the ocean. Echoing the look of the surf in azure blue waters it has a curved design with half blue & half white glass. It captures thousands of light bubbles that create pockets of light within the glass. Inspired, irresistible and incredible value for money, it is beautiful to look at even without any flowers in it.

  • Milano Ceramic Vase – Blue & Gold 41cm

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    59.00 39.00

    Our Milano ceramic vase is a clever combination of curves and contemporary angles. It has an angular silhouette with fluted blue ceramic sides that sit on a round golden base. The perfect way to display flowers, whether in a living room, dining room, bedroom or in a hallway as a welcome to greet friends & family when they first arrive.t.

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