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  • Modena Floor Standing Mirror – Gold 50x160cm

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    129.00 Original price was: € price is: €99.00.

    Our Modena floor standing mirror in gold measures 160cm in height, making it a striking and elegant addition to any room. Its tall design and gold finish add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your decor. Perfect for checking your outfit or enhancing the visual space in a room.

  • Dani Mini Lamp – Bronze

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    59.00 Original price was: € price is: €29.00.

    The Dani bronze mini buffet lamp has a stylish slimline design and comes at a slender price too. The stand and top are all elegantly crafted in brushed satin metal – and it is finished on top by a bronzed textured weave shade to softly diffuse the light and add to the cosy welcoming ambiance. Perfect for the hallway lounge or dining room – or even in the bedroom on a dressing table or as a bedside lamp.

  • Modena Round Wall Mirror – Gold 60cm

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    79.00 Original price was: € price is: €59.00.

    Our enchanting Modena Mirror graces any wall with its captivating round silhouette, adorned with a delightful gold finish accentuating its rim. This remarkable mirror brings forth an exquisite blend of sophistication and timeless style, serving as an invaluable addition to any room. Boasting a generous 60cm diameter, this mirror strikes the perfect balance between presence and versatility, positioning itself as an ideal choice for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of various spaces throughout your home. Whether adorning the living room, bedroom, or hallway, the Modena Mirror resolutely champions elegance and visual allure, standing as a compelling focal point that enriches the ambiance and charm of your home.

  • Spirals Set of 2 Side Tables – Silver

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    249.00 Original price was: € price is: €219.00.

    Our round Spirals set of 2 side tables have beautiful silver frames. With anti-clockwise spirals and a top ring that is crowned with a luxurious mirrored table tops. The mirrors add luxury to any home. They also adds brightness as they reflect in natural light from the outside. With a table lamp on the top it will reflect the brightness onto the ceiling. Perfect for snacks and drinks, for remote controls and glasses, and for displaying an array of flowers or a fantastic figurine.

  • Franklin Set of 2 Sofa Tables – Silver

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    199.00 Original price was: € price is: €169.00.

    Our Franklin set of 2 sofa tables have a deco-inspired design, with their interlocking half-moon shapes & silver metal finish. They have mirrored glass-tops & bases which slide neatly under your sofa or armchair. When not in use, they make lovely end tables too.

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